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1 June 2017

This year, riders from all over the world descended upon Mammoth Mountain, California in early May for another year of high flying.  Snowboarder Magazine's Superpark has evolved into a platform of progression and terrain park evolution, not to mention the creation of hundreds of hours and pages of printed and digital content.

Superpark 21 featured the build teams of Mammoth, Seven Springs, Carinthia Mount Snow, Boreal Woodward, and Loon Mountain.  With mega snow to work with (over 15 meters of snow fell at Mammoth's base lodge during the winter) these five teams put their creative juices to work.  An array of PistenBully were available for use.  The ParkPro 4F for extreme shaping, 600 E+ for massive pushing, and 400W and 600W for finite control on the steep landings.  The teams were able to build and shape awesome features to challenge even the best of the 500 athletes.

Creative Director of Snowboarder Magazine, Pat Bridges, was grateful to hold Superpark 21 at Mammoth Mountain.  His words mirrored Terrain Park Manager, TJ Dawoud's, when he spoke with excitement about Mammoth's commitment to the progression of snowboarding and willingness to allocate trails, lifts, and resources to big events like Superpark.  They elaborated in their statements by complimenting PistenBully's strong relationships with both Mammoth and Snowboarder Magazine. "All of the employees at PistenBully go the extra mile.  It means more than just business, it means more than just performing a job" noted TJ Dawoud.

For the fourth year, PistenBully provided around-the-clock service support to all five teams through the entire event.  In the words of Carinthia Mount Snow build leader, Elia Hamilton, "The PistenBully equipment ran perfectly." He continued, "We worked 24 hours per day for 10 days with not so much as a loose hydraulic fitting.  Pretty amazing really." 

To check out more about Superpark 21, visit www.snowboarder.com 

Rider: Yuki Kadono
Feature: Loon
Photo: Tom Monterosso
Feature: Mammoth Mountain
Photo: Chris Wellhausen
Rider: Valentino Guseli
Feature: Boreal Woodward
Photo: Tom Monterosso
Feature: Carinthia Mount Snow
Feature: Seven Springs
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