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Spring Special

More than a spare part – a bond.
Special prices for spare parts in the US and Canada
From April 1st thru Septembre 16th 2019

Special 2019

Regardless of which model PistenBully you drive, PistenBully 100, PistenBully 400 or PistenBully 600 – whether standard, Park, winch or Polar – or perhaps an older model such as a PistenBully 200 or 300, we make sure that Genuine Original Replacement Parts for all our vehicles are on hand and available. At the new warehouse facilities in Reno, Nevada we have dedicated a large area to spare parts. One example is the three story parts mezzanine. Over 10,000 line items are on stock.

PistenBully Original Parts assure OEM quality, tested performance and high reliability. Longevity and excellent price-to-value make our Original Parts especially economical.

You benefit with our special pricing in the Spring Special. Right timed to match the end-of-season we have assembled an extensive and comprehensive assortment of maintenance and wear parts. From track belts to filters to batteries to tires and drive sprockets.

Over the summer, you and your PistenBully get a short breather from the miles and miles of trail grooming that takes place in the winter season. Take this opportunity to fully prepare and maintain your PistenBully for the upcoming season.

To place an order contact your local Kässbohrer store.

Now is the time to consider having KATV do the service work. Our technicians are trained in all aspects PistenBully. Let them fine tune your vehicle for optimum performance. Different levels of summer service maintenance schedules are available. We can arrange transport of your PistenBully to a Kässbohrer store or perform the work on site at your location.

Call us today and have your PistenBully “Top Service“ maintained!




You'll find more information here.

Brochure – USA

Spring Special 2019
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Brochure – Canada

Spring Special 2019
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