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SNOWsat for Skistar Åre, Sweden

23 November 2015

SNOWsat is also making advances in Scandinavia. Following in the footsteps of Isaberg and Levi, Finland, where everything is installed now and has been up and running successfully for many years, the snow and fleet management system SNOWsat is now also the first choice in one of Sweden's oldest and most important ski resorts, Skistar Åre.

Skistar Åre has decided to equip the entire ski resort with SNOWsat for the coming season - all 10 snow groomers that are used in the resort. With more than 40 lift facilities and over 100 cross-country ski tracks, Skistar Åre is one of Sweden's biggest ski resorts and is also home to the Swedish Alpine National Arena. With such an enormous area, there is a serious advantage to snow depth measurement and the control over vehicles and costs for track grooming.
As recommended, Skistar Åre has equipped two vehicles with the V3 vehicle system - slope management with snow depth management. The V1 vehicle system for fleet management was installed in the other eight vehicles. Thus, the entire fleet is networked, facilitating a complete picture of the ski resort and its management.

Round two
The idea of snow depth measurement and fleet management is not new at Skistar Åre. The resort got together with a local supplier to develop such a system a few years ago. However, the many challenges - both technical and financial in nature - led to the decision to wait for a future system. Now the future is here! And the system of choice is SNOWsat. "We have evaluated and tested a few systems as part of the process. We had the chance to see SNOWsat in action on a trip to Engelberg in Switzerland. We felt very positive about this demonstration and that led to us deciding to invest in this system. Ultimately, we are always working on optimising our business! With SNOWsat and snow depth measurement we can now track the snow situation daily and always fully up-to-date and distribute the snow accordingly in the resort", declares Carl-Johan Ekblom, Technical Manager at Skistar Åre.

Åre's decision to invest in SNOWsat is also very positive for Winn Marketing, the Swedish PistenBully dealer. "For us, Åre is a big challenge and, at the same time, the perfect platform to show everything that SNOWsat can do. I am convinced that the combination of state-of-the-art snow depth measurement and exceptionally high-performance fleet and slope management increases the efficiency of the ski resort spectacularly" , says Joakim Bergström, CEO of Winn Marketing.

Ski resort Skistar Åre - Quick Facts
The Åre ski resort is part of the firm Skistar AB, which also owns the ski resorts of Vemdalen, Sälen (Tandådalen/Lindvallen), Trysil and Hemsdal in Norway.
Turnover: SEK 226 million (approx. EUR 51.1 million)
Lift facilities: 42
Cross-country tracks: 107
Snow Parks: 4
Altitude difference: 890 metres
Ski days: Approx. 1 million
Groomed slopes: approx. 4.5 million m²
Total cross-country track length: 101 km

As it does every year, Åre is hosting the Jon Olsson Invitational and, looking further ahead, the World Alpine Championships 2019.

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