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PistenBully 600 Select

Completely reconditioned, as good as new, with full new vehicle warranty

Sustainably good

The PistenBully 600 Select offers you lots to smile about. From the high quality standard of the work and the parts used, the new vehicle warranty and the extensive equipment, to an attractive financing and service package*. Additionally: because the servicing work is such a lengthy process, we only sell a limited number of PistenBully 600 Select – based on the expected demand from the market. This means we can react to demand immediately without a waiting period, ensuring that a Select is always available for you. Last but not least, the environment also benefits from PistenBully 600 Select, which is another reason to be happy, because valuable resources are conserved. The PistenBully Select concept is part of BLUE IQ – Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG’s philosophy designed to ensure a responsible approach to the future. *depending on different countries

How to Select!

Appraisal Detailed testing report

First the PistenBully is appraised by the workshop foreman. All technical functions are reviewed, a test report is created and the required action is defined in a to-do list.

Vehicle disassembly Inspection and replacement

The vehicle is fully disassembled in our workshop and all the main components are replaced. All parts are tested and damaged parts are repaired. Retrofits are performed if there have been technical improvements.

Fine-tuning the wear parts

High-pressure hoses and electrical connectors are also repaired during assembly.

General engine reconditioning Engine serviced by Mercedes

The engine is serviced by Mercedes-Benz and returns to us fully reconditioned – with warranty from Mercedes-Benz. The same for the hydraulic pumps and the planetary gear which are sent back to the manufacturer too.

Vehicle assembly Completion

The vehicle is completed with new and reconditioned parts. During this process we insist on the same quality standards as for new vehicle production.

Paint finish New surface protection

While that is going, on the driver’s cab is repainted and the vehicle is refinished with a seamless anti-corrosive coating.

Cockpit overhaul Cleaning and replacement

The final stages complete the PistenBully 600 Select once again. The cockpit is completely cleaned. The joystick, steering wheel and any damaged parts are replaced.

Control elements and software Retrofits

The most important control element, the joystick, is replaced with a new one. Any cockpit elements that have been redesigned or improved are also replaced. The latest version of the software is installed too.

New driver’s seat New vehicle headlining

The cab also gets a new driver’s seat and new headlining – ultimately drivers should feel as comfortable in their workstation as they would in a new vehicle.

Completion cabin Commissioning

The fully reconditioned cab is put in place, the vehicle is filled with all the necessary supplies and then commissioned.

Testing and completion

At the end of the multi-week reconditioning process, each 600 Select is put through its paces – just like the new vehicles – in the PistenBully test facility. The vehicle is now ready for its “second” life.

All-Way-Blade, tiller and tracks

The All-Way-Blade is completely restored separately – metal damage is repaired, and the blade is repainted and given new piping. The old tracks and the tiller are disposed of.

As new! Complete new vehicle warranty

PistenBully 600 Select get the full factory warranty like all new vehicles: in the first year th so-called "basic warranty", in the second year the so-called “component warranty”.

4 t winch

Extra hold and increased safety on the mountain

Whether in use on steep slopes or to shift large volumes of snow: The 4-t winch is the perfect complement to the PistenBully 600 Select for big challenges on the mountain. The tailor-made winch attachment system with 5 fixing points facilitates quick and easy fitting and removal.

Maximum load capacity and service life

4 tonnes of tensile force, 1,050 metres of rope length, extremely robust winch block, stable slewing ring with hydraulic drive and brakes for secure positioning of the hydraulic, freely rotating driving drum winch – these are some attributes of the 4-t winch. The active winch control that comes as standard also provides optimum steering capability of the machine in difficult snow conditions. Selected steering parameters can be modified to accommodate the snow and slope conditions. The low-wear winch system and the high durability of the gear wheels and shaft bearings ensure long and safe usage with a low maintenance requirement.

High safety guaranteed

  • Sophisticated control system for optimum steering behaviour
  • Large winch hydraulic pump
  • Continuously variable rope pull control of 0 – 4,000 kp
  • Individual tensile force setting
  • Automatic winch winder control, malfunction alerts
  • Automatic rope monitoring for early detection of wire and strand breakages
  • emergency stop on the steering column
  • Alarm signal when winch arm tilted
  • Permanent display of remaining rope length
  • Specific settings can be adjusted via the continuously variable potentiometer with raster function
  • Perfect visibility thanks to newly designed screen wash system

600 Select engine

Technical Data

Type Mercedes-Benz OM 460 LA
Cylinders 6
Displacement 12.8 l / 12,800 cc
Power output (ECE) 295 kW (400 hp)
max. torque 1,900 Nm at 1,300 rpm
Fuel tank capacity 220 l (58 gal)
Fuel consumption from 20.0 l/h (5.28 gal/h)
Exhaust emission standard EUROMOT 3A/ TIER 3


You'll find more information about the PistenBully Select.


PistenBully 600 Select
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