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The iTerminal

“I see my vehicle from a bird’s-eye perspective while simultaneously looking out of my cockpit.”


The patented terminal with touch-control 10-inch display


to the personal light profile


- Tiller moving
- Track setter down
- Direction of travel forwards
- Cruise control active
- Yellow finisher: the tiller is actively lowered
- Red tiller box: the tiller is moving.

Improved perspectives with the iTerminal
The revolutionary operating concept in the new PistenBully 100 signals a new era in vehicle control systems. It is being installed as standard in all new PistenBully models, ensuring drivers know how everything works straight away regardless of the model they are working in. The new operating concept consists of an ergonomic, double-jointed joystick and is clearly arranged. It is brought to life for operators in the iTerminal period.

Everything at a glance
The basic idea of the screen display is the bird's-eye view: the start screen shows the vehicle from above in the centre (A) - surrounded by all other attachments and functions like the tiller or the direction of travel. Basic elements like the rev counter are displayed in the familiar cockpit arrangement from previous PistenBully generations. The graphic display of the various usage situations is self-explanatory. Thus, the interactive elements (e. g. the track setters) are very easy to programme. Active vehicle parts are highlighted using different colours. This so-called bird's-eye view means the driver can literally see how and where he is driving and can react and steer completely intuitively.

Simple menu design
With the new menu layout we were guided by smartphone design: the home button (PistenBully symbol) always takes you back to the start screen. And brand new: using gesture control to draw a house roof on the screen will also take you "home"! A submenu with so-called breadcrumbs, i.e. various directories, opens other options and provides a clear overview of exactly where you are in the menu.

Example light settings
Operators can create a fully customised light profile on the screen. Then they simply press a button on the armrest to activate their personal light settings when they start the engine.

To date the new operating concept has been through several development stages and has undergone thorough testing in the field. It has also attracted a large fan community who have become extremely attached to it.